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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Emergency Prayer Alert!

Dear Friends,

This is an emergency prayer alert! This morning, while I was rinsing off in the shower, I heard the Lord say to me, "Call the well company today and order a larger well pump because your current pump is not large enough to handle the amount of water you are using much less what you need." To me, it was a clear word from the Lord. Two minutes later, the well pump broke and siphoned the water right out of the house pipes and our water was gone.

For those of us who have lived by faith for years, these things are exciting because we know that we are getting ready to see a miracle!! Naturally, we do not have money sitting around to pay for the old pump to be craned up from 380 feet down and a new one to be lowered. But God always meets out needs. So, a miracle is about to happen!!

I want to ask you to get involved in this miracle by being one of the prayer warriors who is praying the prayer of faith with us that God is going to get us a new, larger pump and additional storage tanks that are necessary to handle the huge amount of water that is needed to keep Teen Harvest in water. Don't forget that our next Family Reconciliation Retreat begins one week from today!!! ...and we have the largest crowed yet scheduled to be here. People are coming from Kansas, Georgia, New York, Missouri and Tennessee.

Praise the LORD!!
~Pastor Paul

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