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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Teen Harvest Weekend Builtding Blitz: 2014 dates set!

March 27-29 | June 26-28 |September 25-27 Come one, come all, to a weekend full of fun, food, fellowship …and building! Why we’re going to do what we’re going to do: For the first time, we are planning on hosting 3 separate building blitz events within the year 2014. Over the past years since our first building blitz in 2011, we have finished two cabins, are nearing completion on a third, and have begun a fourth. Since the finishing of the current cabins, they have provided rooming for retreat attendees as well as a safe haven for individuals and families alike, facing various storms in life. With God’s blessing, we plan to eventually build 12 cabins, so the building mission continues. That’s where you come in. So, what exactly are we doing? For those who have not yet attended a building blitz or similar construction outreach, here’s how it works: In extreme-makeover fashion, we hope to finish our third and fourth cabins, begin construction on one or two additional cabins (as the Lord provides), and also tackle various smaller projects, such as finishing porches, landscaping, and general property maintenance projects. Basically, whether you’re a highly-skilled worker or a low-skilled worker, we can use your hands! Below I will put a list (subject to change, of course) of projects we hope to accomplish during the weekend. How much gets done will depend on how many people show up and how much building material God provides! We already have several people planning to come and we are trusting God as always to provide the funds and building materials and additional hands needed to make this project happen! What if you can’t come on said days? Basically this is a come-when-you-can,-as-long-as-you-can type of event. Thursday of each designated weekend is going to be the official kickoff day, with the main building focus being Friday and Saturday. However, as always, you are welcome to come at any time during the preceding week(s) or weekends (or anytime, really!), to help us prepare for the event. And if people want to stick around on Sunday for more fellowship, great! We’ll be glad to have you! What if you can’t come at all? Please consider coming if you possibly can, or if you are unable, perhaps consider donating to the materials fund. If you are unable to do either, hey that’s fine, you can still pray! In fact, regardless of your ability (or lack thereof) to participate manually or financially, please do pray for the event –the workers, the weather, and the building materials to be provided. We can’t wait to see what God has in store! Additional notes: ~ Food will be readily available, though we’d ask everyone to contribute $3 per meal per person to help cover the cost of food. Water also is always available for free. (For those who would like to contribute to the food supply aside from or in addition to financial donation, we will be posting a grocery list once the menu is finalized) ~Overnight lodging is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There’s always plenty of room for tents or RVs, too. ;) Please contact for lodging details. ~If you need transportation to and from the airport, let us know! ~A PDF of the cabin plans with an itemized materials list is available upon request ~If you would like to contribute financially send checks to: Teen Harvest HCR 71 box 352 Ava, MO 65608-8917 For more information on Teen Harvest and our Family Reconciliation Retreats, or to donate electronically, please visit Projects/available jobs*: 1. Finish cabins 12 and 11 2. Begin construction on additional cabin(s) 3. Fence line maintenance 4. Landscaping 5. Finish utility building for cabin “village” 6. Constructing cabin porches, installing railing on existing porches 7. Painting (facilities maintenance) 8. Soffit/painting on main house porch 9. Kitchen help *When you arrive at the building blitz, you will need to sign in, and jobs will be assigned at that time. Feel free to request job assignments you are most comfortable with. Financial needs for the cabins: The cost of the framing materials from Mansfield Home Center (of Ava) for approx. $3,000 per cabin. The total cost to finish each cabin, minus furnishings, is about 8,000 to 9,000. All 2014 building blitz dates: March 27-29 June 26-28 September 25-27