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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Building Blitz Job list

Here's a list of the jobs we're hoping to accomplish this time around -building cabins -building roofs & bannisters on existing cabins' porches -Making & hanging curtains in existing cabins/decorating cabins -building a deck and roof on the back of the house -building a roof over doors on school building -clearing fencelines/property maintenance -food prep/kitchen assistance

Pre-blitz Preparation

(For those of you who would like to contribute to the Buliding fund: ) For those of you who maybe can't make the Building Blitz coming up in October, if you have some time between now and then you would like to help us prepare for the event, volunteer here! We are going to need a lot of help preparing for th e event. There is a pile of reclaimed lumber that needs to be de-nailed and prepared for use, and a lot of windows, doors, and other fixtures that need to be cleaned & prepared after sitting in storage. Additionally, we could use some help to install plumbing and wiring in the ground that ought to be in place before the build starts. Please call or email to let us know how you would like to help, and to schedule a time to come help!

Teen Harvest Building Blitz 2: Fall 2012

Hello friends! Many of you will remember the exciting Building Blitz we hosted in Spring 2011 ( when a GREAT team of volunteers came to Teen Harvest and framed 2 cabins, did lots of fabulous landscaping, property & building maintenance, built a beautiful fire pit, laid groundwork & foundations for the our future cabins, and other extremely helpful jobs around the ministry grounds. Those who attended will long remember the great fellowship, food, hard-but-rewarding work, and general fun of the weekend. What an exciting, encouraging time it was for everyone! Well, the good news is, we're going to do it again! God has been providing, and we have enough materials to begin framing more cabins, so that means we need YOU to come help us! In honor of Teen Harvest Director, Paul Neighbour's 18th(+ about 40 ;) ) birthday (Oct 21), we will be hosting the blitz October 18-21, 2012, with Sunday, the 21st being a day of dedication, worship, and thankfulness. Just as with our last Building Blitz, you are welcome to come and go at any time during the weekend, and you are more than welcome to come beforehand to help us prepare for the big event! Food and lodging will be provided (the more cabins we build, the more lodging we can offer!), and again we are asking a free-will donation per person, per meal, to help offset the cost of meals. More details including job list, materials list, and donation information will be added, so check back soon! Hope to see you there! To donate to the event funds: