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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OH! NO! School's out!!!

If you're like hundreds of parents, you are about to face one of the scariest things. All summer with no idea what you are going to do with all their energy and mischief.

Then again, you may be one of those perfect moms who is so organized that you have left no time for them to get into trouble!! If so, I'd like to read your book when it comes out and find out how that's workin' for ya.

For the rest of you, I'd like to suggest that you take a few days with your spouse and discuss your family values and identity. Make a list and write down what your expectations are for your family. Be sure to pray hard and get the help in doing this. Beneath each item, write down the Scripture from the Bible that supports or teaches you to do them. Then find biblical rewards for following these "expectations" (don't call them rules). Be sure to include the Scripture reference where you found the rewards.

Then, make a third column in which you write down the biblical consequences for violating the expectations. Of course, you will want to write that reference below each item as well.

Make sure that you blog me if you are having trouble understanding what I am talking about and I will help you with it. I'm sure other readers will want to know as well.

What this does, is takes the "fight" out of parenting. It shows your kids that you did not just grab an idea from insanity. It actually makes kids proud to know that their parents care enough about parenting to search out Bible reasons for their parenting choices.

Now summer can be a joy. When kids know what is expected and why ...they know the rewards and consequences of their choices... when they know how to please you, they are more likely to be obedient children you can afford to give them more freedom.

Now I know that it is not as simple as it sounds at first blush. But it does work and is worth the work. I have helped many families to work through the issues and establish peace in their homes. So, do not hesitate to call me and seek my help. I will not charge you. You can make an offering if you like, but that will be up to you.

Please register for our next Family Reconciliation Retreat at There, you can work through family issues in a community setting and find the help you need.

God bless you, Pastor Paul