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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Attracting "Followers" to this Blog

I really believe in this project. I have a conviction and a calling to help restore families: husbands and wives to be in love with each other and God; Children to love and honor their parents; parents to feel satisfaction and pride in their children; and trust ...did I say TRUST???

This is the calling that we at Teen Harvest have from the Lord ...and it is a sure calling from the Holy Bible -2 Corinthians 5:16-21.

The reason I have not "blogged" here more often as planned, other than the fact that I am obviously very busy "raising" boys who could not get along at home, is because we have not attracted many followers as of yet! My time is valuable and I must use it in the most advantageous way.

SOOOOO.... Please help me get people to "follow" this blog and ...VERY IMPORTANT... request that I address topics of concern to them and their families! :) I will always answer a question as quickly as possible. I am also available by email at: If you need to talk to me by phone, I will give you that number when you write me with a request.

Have a blessed day, and get busy now!! :) :)