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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Building of the House

Hello there! First of all, my appologies for taking so long to get around to this. So many things to do around here, and so many blog topics to choose from! But I thought perhaps a good place to start would be with pictures from building the main house here at Teen Harvest. This project started in late 2003/early 2004 and is still going on today. It started with building an addition on to the old farm house that was orignally here at the ranch, then building a school/church building to house the office and school room, demolition of the old farm house, and now re-construction of a "second addition" where the old house used to stand. The finished house is just under 5,000 suare feet and includes 10 bedrooms (3 master bedroom suites), a large living room/family room, a spacious commerical kitchen/dining room, a basement (which will double as a game room and storm shelter), and a garage. God has blessed us immensely throughout this buildling project, providing us with finances and labor along the way when needed, as well as enabling us to use a few cutting-edge safety features and energy-saving technologies. Every step of the process was given much thought and prayer in hopes of providing a safe, fun environment for our students for now and for years to come.
Here are some pictures. I appologize that they are grossly out of order, but I could not get them in order.

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Emily Ann Benedict said...

Wow, what a neat project. Sounds like it's going to turn into a really great house/school/office...and onward. ;)
Love the pics.